Above and Beyond - Worship with Judy Jacobs (MP3 album)

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includes some of the most powerful songs for intercession and prophetic declaration that Pastor Judy has ever recorded. 

As you worship with Pastor Judy on this album, singing you will find yourself interceding with God's heart for His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Songs on this album are:

1. Prelude to a Breakthrough

2. Get Ready

3. Let There Be Joy

4. Whatcha' Gonna Do Today Lord

5. Worship

6. Because of Who You Are

7. You Are the Love of My Life

8. Only In Your Presence

9. Let the Veil Down

10. Turn Around

11. We Speak to Nations

12. Heal Our Land

13. Let the Church Rise

14. Your Name Is Great

15. Your Name Is Great Reprise

This album is absolutely saturated with the glory in worship that can only come from a worship leader who has spent her life in fasting and prayer. Pastor Judy knows intimately the atmosphere of the heavenlies, and this album will release that atmosphere into your home, car, or anywhere else you choose to listen.

This product contains the digital audio only and all songs are instantly downloadable. No physical items are included in this product.

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Above and Beyond - Worship with Judy Jacobs (MP3 album)

0 ratings
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