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MID-SIZE Mentoring Pack: WINNING Your Warfare Through Worship (audio + video) and BONUS teaching

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Worship is essential in your Christian walk. When true worship happens, Satan has to flee! WORSHIP is how you WIN in spiritual warfare.

But, are YOU one of those winning worshipers? Or, do you want to win more often? If you want to take your warfare of worship to the next level of WINNING, then this bundle of Pastor Judy's mentoring materials is for YOU!

This mentoring pack contains 3 hours 11 minutes of  Pastor Judy's teachings and mentoring classes, PLUS one full-length worship album for intercession and prophetic declaration. 

It's regularly-priced at $55 but is being offered at only $39 (for a limited time only). (Bonus materials only available for a limited time)

The Jumbo Mentoring Pack includes:

1. The 2-part audio teaching series  (93 minutes total), in which Pastor Judy teaches you:

  • how to bring out one of your most powerful weapons against your enemies so you can see them SCATTER!
  • how to fulfill your destiny through worship; 
  • how to run to the eternal finish line and win the prize;
  • how to run with purpose so you can change your family, community, city, and even your nation!

2. This bundle also contains Pastor Judy's 5-video mentoring/devotional series, .

In this never-before-released video devotional series, Pastor Judy teaches you what to pray for and how to activate a passionate, worshiping heart. These 5 videos are just over 5 minutes each. (Titles not listed here since that would give away her activations!)

3. ABOVE AND BEYOND MP3 worship album for intercession and prophetic declaration.

This album contains some of the most powerful songs for intercession and prophetic declaration that Pastor Judy has ever released. 

As you worship with Pastor Judy on this album, singing "Let the veil down, let the praise go up ... We're in the presence of the Lord," you will find yourself interceding with God's heart for His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

The songs in this album are:

1. Prelude to a Breakthrough

2. Get Ready

3. Let There Be Joy

4. Whatcha' Gonna Do Today Lord

5. Worship

6. Because of Who You Are

7. You Are the Love of My Life

8. Only In Your Presence

9. Let the Veil Down

10. Turn Around

11. We Speak to Nations

12. Heal Our Land

13. Let the Church Rise

14. Your Name Is Great

15. Your Name Is Great Reprise

This album is absolutely saturated with the glory in worship that can only come from a worship leader who has spent her life in fasting and prayer. Pastor Judy knows intimately the atmosphere of the heavenlies, and this album will release that atmosphere into your home, car, or anywhere else you choose to listen.

4. LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Pastor Judy's mentoring class MP3.

This 1-hour 13 minute MP3 teaching contains Pastor Judy's equipping session on knowing how to fight and war in your destiny. This class has been offered only once and only to the exclusive International Institute of Mentoring group of mentees, and is not available elsewhere online, so you will be blessed by this!

This MID-SIZE mentoring pack contains 3 hours 11 minutes of TEACHING, PLUS 1 FULL MUSIC ALBUM. 

This pack is full of revelation, anointing, and impartation that Pastor Judy is releasing from her lifetime of passionate worship and WINNING in spiritual warfare. Known for her miracle ministry, in this mentoring pack she teaches you how to get those miracles and breakthroughs in your own life through WORSHIP.

Download this audio package today and get equipped and inspired to WORSHIP GOD in both Spirit and truth!

All products in this bundle are digital downloads only. No physical products are included.

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MID-SIZE Mentoring Pack: WINNING Your Warfare Through Worship (audio + video) and BONUS teaching

0 ratings
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